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Hi there, it's Michelle and by the end of this bio, your next videographer! 


In producing videos, I try to not only capture the person, but their stories at the same time by recording sincere & personal videos from different angles and in different settings. Why? Because it is that inner spirit in people, that makes me do what I love doing most.  


Allround filmmaker

As your next videographer, I am my own little production company, directing your portrait video from ‘cradle to grave’. From concept to production and recording to editing, oh and let’s not forget animations! Basically, no need to look anywhere else right?

You are probably curious to the type of portrait video’s I produce by now? Well, basically the whole spectrum. From personal portrait videos, to a professional one showcasing your USP’s as an entrepreneur, or a business video, having produced several business videos for De Popunie, Eurovision Song Contest and BBC, I am your camerawoman!  

“Off-record moments are those moment that can truly capture a person” is what makes me always save some additional time for moments like these during production planning. Recording and ‘interviewing’ one on one is something I swear by as this basically makes you forget that the camera is actually there. This not only makes it more of an open conversation but also delivers promising storylines and an authentic end result! 

How I work


So, whether you are in for a chat over coffee or need a video right away? I am in, just send me an email!

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